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A Look at New Development Texas Live!

Globe Life Park, home to the Texas Rangers of the MLB

Globe Life Park, home to the Texas Rangers of the MLB

Globe Life Park located in Arlington, Texas is home to the Texas Rangers American League Baseball team. This a booming part of Arlington, however many feel the area can benefit from an entertainment district, located close to the baseball field. After talks of developing an entertainment area across the street from the baseball field, the Arlington City Council unanimously voted to approve the project. Mayor Jeff Williams and Rob Matwick, Executive Vice President of Business Operations for the Texas Rangers, both announced a $200 million dollar project in the works, which will be known as Texas Live!.

What kind of entertainment to expect
Texas Live! will be located just south of the baseball stadium and offer a 100,00 square foot dining and entertainment space. What exactly is included in an entertainment district? Arlington is taking note from places like St. Louis and Kansas City to develop an area with a variety of shops, restaurants, a 300-room hotel, and 35,000 square foot meeting and conference space. In addition to building an array of new buildings for the entertainment district, Arlington officials said that they want Texas Live! to be known for free public events for the community. It is really to keep the area thriving, even when the Rangers are not playing at home or during the off season.

Money to support Texas Live!
Residents of the Arlington area will be happy to know that there will be no new debt or taxes they have to pay for the project. The city will be taking money from the $100 million Arlington Tomorrow Fund, which was created from natural gas drilling revenues. About $50 million will be invested into the project from these funds, while the additional $150 million will come from a private sector investment. Revenue that is generated from the Texas Live! district will eventually go back into Arlington neighborhoods. It is the hopes that this money will help to strengthen economy in the region, while drawing more tourists to the area.

Construction of Texas Live! and job growth
It is going to take a while before Texas Live! is up and running, but construction is expected to begin quickly in 2016. Hopefully, the entire project will take just 12 months to complete and be ready in the summer of 2017. Texas Live! buildings are going to be built on a parking lot of the Globe Life Park, but there will still be plenty of parking for baseball games. Mayor Williams expected the development of the project to produce 1,800 new jobs, which is great for the city.

An entertainment district like this has been talked about for years, even before the Globe Life Park Stadium was built. The Rangers baseball team really pushed to get this project off the ground, and the vision is finally going to become a reality. Co-chairman for the Rangers, Ray Davis, says this first-class entertainment complex will be a tremendous addition to the area. We bet many people in Arlington agree, and look forward to hearing what locals in the area have to say about the addition of Texas Live!.

$200 Million Development Deal Approved with Rangers


People are still speculating as to whether or not the Rangers will make the big move to Dallas, while the Arlington City Council is proving that they have the mettle to keep the team by unanimously approving a $200 million deal that would develop a facility directly across the street from Globe Life Park.


It’s an unspoken tactic to keep the Rangers in Arlington. But it just might work. In the development meeting, the Arlington City Council reminded everyone of the team’s “long relationship” with the city of Arlington again and again.


This $200 million development deal could be the added incentive for the Rangers to stay put. Arlington Councilman Jimmy Bennett again reminded everyone of the long-time positive relationship that the city has held with the Rangers in a recent statement. “They’ve been in our community and been a valuable member for so long. It just speaks volumes to our relationship. And I just think it’s a mistake for people to underestimate Arlington,” Bennett said.


Arlington Mayor, Jeff Williams, agreed with Bennett. “Arlington’s partnership with the Texas Rangers spans more than four decades and it’s one that our residents cherish. The Rangers are a key component to making the Entertainment District such a vibrant part of our city and the whole North Texas region.”


They’ve successfully proven that they want to continue their relationship with the Rangers with their recent affirmations along with the far more telling pricetag they plan to pay to keep the team in Arlington. The development plans themselves are extremely impressive. Dallas would have to work hard to beat the complex that Arlington has promised the Rangers.


It’s a 100,000-square foot structure situated where the current Rangers Parking Lot A is located. The massive development plans to include retail opportunities, restaurants, entertainment venues, and a major event space. But that’s not all, folks. In addition to the main structure, a hotel boasting 300 rooms with an attached state-of-the-art convention center will also be on the development site.


$50 million of the funds will come from the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation, provided by the city. The revenues stem from oil and gas revenues generated by the city, and are channeled into community-boosting projects. But the community projects are normally on a much smaller scale than this megalithic undertaking that Arlington is planning on executing.


The benefit to using this existing foundation to fund the development is that there will be no new taxes implemented, and the citizens of Arlington will not feel the financial burden. Funds are limited to previously-existing financial resources, so Arlington already has the money to front the substantial bill.


The Rangers themselves will carry the rest of the financing, as an investment to the future of the team in Arlington. It’s a $150 million investment, but a smart one. The Rangers’ Executive Vice President of Business Operations Rob Matwick confirmed this in a recent statement.


“For the more than 8 million people and visitors that come to the Arlington Entertainment District each year, this project will provide world class entertainment, restaurants, hospitality and allow our guests to come early and stay late,” Matwick said. “Beyond the game, we’re committed to creating a dynamic, best-in-class, 365 day-a-year destination that thrives on non-game days. With your affirmative vote tonight, the Texas Rangers are ready to deliver.”

Cotton Bowl to Take Place in Arlington

cotton bowl

Every year, several parts of the country are host to different college bowl games. College football teams work hard every season to make it to these bowl games, in hopes of winning against their opponent. This year is the 80th annual Cotton Bowl Classic, which is sponsored by Goodyear. AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas is host to the Cotton Bowl, taking place on December 31, 2015. ESPN will provide both the radio commentary and televised viewing of the football event on New Year’s Eve. It was announced in the beginning of December that the number 2 ranked Alabama, will be taking on the number 3 ranked Michigan State during the 2015 Cotton Bowl.


A look at AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas his home to the professional NFL team, The Dallas Cowboys. The stadium can seat about 80,000 people, which was completed in 2009. There is a retractable roof, which is a nice domed structure, allowing fans to enjoy games and other events, even when bad weather ensues. AT&T Stadium also has one of the largest high definition video screens, which hangs in the stadium from one 20-yard line to the other 20-yard line. Because of its dynamic size and dome like features, AT&T Stadium is host to other events ranging from other sporting events to concerts to Spartan races. In 2010 the Cotton Bowl Classic moved locations to AT&T stadium, and has been played there ever since.


What visitors can do in Arlington Texas

Although very close to Dallas, Texas, the bowl game is actually located in Arlington, Texas. There are several places to visit and great places to eat, if you are visiting for the Cotton Bowl game. Six Flags Over Texas is located in Arlington and is host to a winter wonderland event. It is a family friendly event with interactive activities and rides. The park is open from 11am to 7pm daily until January 6th. If you are looking to keep with the sports theme, you can always attend the International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame. It was once located in St. Louis, Missouri, but moved to Arlington, Texas in recent years. The museum features cool bowling artifacts, photos, and stories of legends in the professional world of bowling.


When traveling it is always nice to find a new location to eat dinner. There are several amazing options available, which are located minutes away from AT&T Stadium. The Melting Pot provides guest with pots of cheese, broth, and chocolate for a fondue experience. Piranha Killer Sushi is a great place if you are looking to indulge in sushi or seafood. You can learn more about places to eat when visiting Arlington for the Cotton Bowl here.


Michigan State fans will have to travel a little bit further than Alabama fans, but this year’s Cotton Bowl is sure to fill the stadium with a great energy. Tickets are already sold out for the event, but you might get lucky if you try for tickets through a Cotton Bowl season ticket holder. We can’t wait to see which team comes out on top at the 80th annual Cotton Bowl.