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By | April 9, 2018


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Everyday from sunrise until sundown and in between shifts of workers work inside and outside of the General Motors Plant in Arlington.  An expansion plan has started for the plant priced at the amount of $1.4 billion. Construction crews are working on the west end of the motor plant prepping the new body shop. This project is going to clock in at three years.

Plant manager Juan Carlos Jiminez has said they do not want to impact customers with a shut down so that is why work is still going on inside the plant, The downtime could have saved them some extra money but at the cost of not producing enough for their customers. This allows for the construction expansion and inside assembly work to be done at the same time inside of the plant.

General Motor’s plant in Arlington employs around 4,000 people. They build the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban, Cadillac Escalades and GMC’s Yukons. GM is a major fixture in this part of the SUV market as they have a share of around 75 percent of the market, making this a profitable and important plant.

Strong sales of those trucks have allowed GM to dominate the full-size SUV market, commanding about 75 percent of the highly profitable segment. Demand for their product is evident in the amount of work being put in at the factory. Autoworkers at the plant work some six days a week and can take some sort of overtime on Saturdays and there is even a few times workers can volunteer to work overtime on Sundays.

The plant is fully efficient cranking out as many SUV units as it can because of the high demand that is staying quite strong. As gas prices are trending at around $2 per gallon this comes as no surprise that SUVs and trucks are accounting for a large amount of sales in the United States.

It is expected to build about 300,000 vehicles this year. Arlington’s SUVS are some of the most profitable vehicles and average profits of about $10,000 per each vehicle created.

Details of the Expansion

GM has stayed tight lipped on any exact specifications for the new expansion but it will include paint and body shops along with some high tech equipment.  The new expansion will add around 1 million square feet. Inside of it will include automated robotics that currently weld together the SUVS and send the cars through the conveyor belts.

Others have remarked that the new additions will catch up with the future. The demand for these products spreads throughout the world and they will need to have the necessary equipment to deal with this.  GM is an industry leader right now in this section and it only makes sense for them to take full advantage of this opportunity by expanding. They will be able to meet demands in other countries and increased need in the United States. The expansion will come along great as they continue working inside at Arlington.


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